HTC Sensation Nonsense Bloatware Removal
  • HTC Sensation Nonsense Bloatware Removal (*get it? Non-Sense Bloatware Removal? :D)

    Credits: This is a batch file to use in conjunction with Fre3vo.

    Nonsense Bloatware Removal:

    This is a simple BAT file and I'm sure there are others flying around out there (common sense - DUH). Other files I've seen, however, strip all of the Sense out as well and I, for one, like Sense. This BAT will remove all non-htc sense related bloatware; i.e. the (I consider it to be) crappy Nova game, the annoying TMobile self-help, etc. Like its name, I did not pull any HTC Sense apps. If you want to remove those, again, search the web - they're out there.

    Well, technically, it's 2 BAT files. DISABLE_BLOAT.BAT will disable all the following items. If, for some forsaken reason, you want these total pieces of garbage back on your system, I've also included an enable file. ENABLE_BLOAT.BAT will turn them back on.

    Here's what this BAT removes (don't worry, use the ENABLE bat to turn it back on if you want to):
    • Widget: ProTips
    • Game: Nova HD
    • Game: Teeter
    • App: LogMeIn
    • App: Lookout
    • App: Tmobile TV (MobiTV or whatever they call it)
    • App: Qik Tmobile Video Chat (get Tang or Fring instead)
    • App: Slacker Radio (meh...)
    • App: Telenav (trialware, use Google Nav instead or buy a real GPS)
    • App: TMobile Mobile Backup (never use it)
    • App: Tmobile "AppPack" (You can get the same junk by clicking on TMobile in the Market)
    • App: Tmobile "SelfHelp" (The annoying app that hijacks your calls to 611 or the 877 # from your phone)
    • App: TMobile MyAccount / MyDevice
    What's being kept is everything from HTC Sense. No exceptions.

    Reminder: no one at Simply Android, including me, or at XDA / TeamWin, etc, is responsible if you brick your phone. 

    The process is pretty simple:

    1. Download & extract to recieve 2 BAT files. DISABLE_BLOAT will do just that, while ENABLE_BLOAT will turn it back on.

    2. Place the BAT files in the same directory as ADB.

    3. Gain temp root with Fre3vo (steps are in the XDA link).

    4. Go to the folder with ADB and run the BAT file.

    You're done!

  • JassyCliqJassyCliq July 2011

    Nice job bro. I was about to post how to root with Eugenes new fix which wont loose root and works with all apps =)

  • Sweet - first link to Eugene's, then link to this one so there's an option for removing EVERYTHING and mine, which keeps sense. That's why I made it  - everyone wants to dump sense. /me <3 sense :)

  • JassyCliqJassyCliq July 2011

    Same here :) its awesome!! I still want cm7 though lol

  • jsvjsv January 2012

    hello, is there a way to keep 
    TMobile MyAccount / MyDevice  alone and remove the rest?

  • vtech7634vtech7634 March 2012

    the whole method to rooting is to change serv. providers . lol

  • madcatz1414madcatz1414 March 2012

  • madcatz1414madcatz1414 March 2012

    Does this void my warranty?

  • Double0EKDouble0EK March 2012

    Anything you do can potentially void your warranty.

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